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Био-перманент № 4 от Niagara

Бренд: CND
Артикул: Е678 Категории: , ,

660 руб. 600 руб. кг


Эмульсия био-перманент № 4 от NIAGARA от ESTEL Professional идеально подойдёт для обесцвеченных и поврежденных волос при химической завивке. Ею можно пользоваться как в салонах, так и дома.

Формула эмульсии составлена так, чтобы сохранить прочность Ваших волос и лишь слегка изменить серные мостики. В её состав входит витамин В5. Она не содержит тиогликолята аммония. Использование Цистеамина, который по своему составу очень напоминает основную аминокислоту волоса – Цистеин, позволяет с минимальным уроном для волос произвести химическую завивку.

Красивые и естественные локоны будут выглядеть великолепно.



5 отзывов на Био-перманент № 4 от Niagara

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    Cobus Bester

    Sony vs Logitech

    I replaced my Logitech Revue with this Sony Google TV, and I expected a lot. The plusses… it’s a little faster than the Logitech. The minusses… the keyboard/controller. The Logitech has a full size keyboard/controller. But… the BIG disappointment is that there are as few apps in the Google Play Store, maybe even fewer, than the Logitech Revue. It also has the same operating system version of 3.2, and I hoped that Sony would have come out with newer, based on the fact that it’s still being sold and supported by Sony.

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    This this sucks! The fact that Sony refuses to update their software in this it is in Android 3.2. It should be on software 4.x I love if Sony carried from their customers then we would see updates. You can’t even watch Hulu. What type of «smart/android» TV is that?

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    They Finally Did It!

    I am an old Logitech Revue fan that couldn’t stand the thought of getting rid of it. But I did when I saw the G8 and what an improvement. Super easy set up within five minutes and everything works including the new voice command system. The Logitech Revue has one half gig for internal memory which was not enough to handle the space necessary with the software upgade to download apps from the Google Store but this Sony Player there is no problem. For example, Slacker has a new design and it reguires space to handle it which the Logitech could not do and the Sony can. I love the remote. It is somewhat complicated but once you get the hang of it no problem because all of our devices now are small and we can handle them across the board. The keys on the remote are raised so you can type easily and you can turn a back light on at night to see the keys. The control for sound is on the side of the remote so you can use your thumb to raise or lower the sound please change channels. What can I say….everything works! I have not had one app not work which is a miracle of the advancement of this techology.
    The only one thing I can say negative about this unit is it appears that the running mbs for the RAM is very low which means it could eventually without a reboot run out of ram and stop the sound or just not play. Haven’t had that happen yet but wish there was more ram.
    Sony is clearly the leader in providing a third generation player for Google tV. This is easy to operate with so many options for enjoying the internet on your TV.

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    web browsing is disappointing

    I’ve tried to open a few pages while web browsing and they ask for a newer version of Adobe Flash, I tried downloading it but it doesn’t allow to install. Can’t catch up with some TV Shows using the networks websites to watch last episodes.

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    James Koster

    Great design and easy to use

    Since the Adobe Flash player (ver 10.2.164) is built into the Google Chrome browser it cannot be updated to the latest version (11.6.602). For Rogers customers, this means you will not be able to stream any shows from rogersondemand as the website requires minimum ver 10.3 of Flash player.

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