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Карандаш для бровей MASTERPIECE SOFFIO P-08 Черный

Бренд: CND

Цвет: черный

300 руб. 200 руб. кг


Это карандаш с правильной, изготовленной “по всем канонам” текстурой, которая не мягкая и не твердая, и при этом хорошо скользит по коже. Состав стержня специально разработан так, чтобы легкими и короткими штрихами подчеркнуть бровь, начиная с самой высокой точки дуги к краям, при этом выводя общий необходимый контраст.

ВНИМАНИЕ: Цвета материалов на сайте могут незначительно отличаться от реальных из-за особенностей цветопередачи монитора.




6 отзывов на Карандаш для бровей MASTERPIECE SOFFIO P-08 Черный

  1. Оценка 3 из 5

    Cobus Bester


    From what i seen this product looks like it can make it but, i must be ashamed to admit i said the same thing about the PSG. I see interesting features with this hand held except the cams I am a tech head so anything with gadgets grabs my attention easily caught my attention and gave me a shout for joy, Sony pulls this off it can really be a handheld worth buying.(sorry NES fans including me we need a new handheld winner)

  2. Оценка 4 из 5


    Great portable system

    This system has a lot of power for it’s size. It runs things very smooth and looks great on the 720p 5″ display. Remote play works really well with the PS4 although I was kind of disappointed to discover that you can’t use remote play with 3G, it still works well with Wifi though. This is overall a very great portable device, definitely worth the $200.

  3. Оценка 3 из 5


    Great product, but with flaws

    The controls, design, menu ui is great. some people say that there aren’t many games for it, but i just need a few and not a huge collection. But there’s a small downside and that is the screen. The screen is beautiful and colorful, but there seems to be a problem with many vitas. The problem is that there are black stains in the screen that are seen when the screen is displaying black and when you are indoors where there isn’t a lot of light. a lot of people have it, including my friends and i hear that all oled displays have the problem, including some phones. i guess ill have to get use to it.

  4. Оценка 5 из 5

    Matt Mullenweg

    Ps vita

    The best thing you could have for a portable gaming system has the best graphics and designs I reccomend you by this

  5. Оценка 5 из 5

    Jared Erickson

    PSVita looks so awesome!

    This system is a powerhouse! Looks so much better than the 3ds but why is it delayed? So many awesome games!

  6. Оценка 3 из 5

    Michael Novotny

    I was going to replace my PS3 slim but …

    Looks like an interesting product to replace my PS3 Slim. So I got online and asked if I can use Skype (since it has a front facing camera), the answer NO and the browser is the same as the PS3 which sucks (no flash support).
    I gave it an average rating because the browser is the same as the PS3 and it does not do Skype

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