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Краска для бровей и ресниц Estel Enigma Графит

Бренд: CND

Производитель: Estel

890 руб.2000 кг



Краска имеет ультрамягкую формулу , обеспечивает превосходный стойкий цвет . Все компоненты легко смешивать , полученная смесь имеет удобную , пластичную консистенцию, что делает процесс окрашивания приятным, а результат-превосходным.

Набор содержит-туба с крем-краской(20 мл),флакон с эмульсией(20 мл),мисочка для краски, палочка для размешивания и нанесения, защитные листочки для век, инструкция по применению.

ВНИМАНИЕ: Цвета материалов на сайте могут незначительно отличаться от реальных из-за особенностей цветопередачи монито


Вес 2000 g


5 отзывов на Краска для бровей и ресниц Estel Enigma Графит

  1. Оценка 5 из 5

    Alex Shiels

    Great phone & waterproof

    This phone is great. It has it all. It has a quad-core processor, 2gbs of RAM for programs and it’s even waterproof. It has a great screen size and it is LTE. This model, the 6606 is better than the international ones because the LTE band works on T-Mobile. Plus the overlay is not too intrusive, like some phones are. I would highly recommend this phone. Sony makes great products.

  2. Оценка 5 из 5

    Joseph Scott

    So Long AT&T! It’s been good to know you.

    The very first day of my Xperia Z activation resulted in my notification of an Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2 update. (For reasons I cannot explain, AT&T did a terrible job of releasing their versions of Sony released Android updates on my previous Xperia models.)
    I love the phone’s screen mirroring feature that exports effortlessly to my Bravia HDTV. The easy to implement power saving Stamina mode is much appreciated. The Xperia’s full HD screen is superior in resolution and dimension to my daughter’s much beloved iPhone 5S — while still fitting easily in my pants pocket.
    The clever Smart Watch 2 and wireless Bluetooth headset really bring out the best in the phone. A relatively inexpensive 64GB Sony SDHC chip easily boosts this phone’s aggregate memory to a whopping 80GB.

  3. Оценка 1 из 5

    Jason bradley

    Great Then Horrible

    When I first bought this phone, I loved it. However, after only four months, despite taking good care of it, it would charge only half the time and that half was extremely slow. A week later, it would not charge at all. After researching this problem alone, I found that it was extremely common with this phone (you can Google it). However, I went against the reviews and under the warranty, I got a refurbished Xperia Z. After only one month, this one’s charger port ended up not working as well. This time, T-Mobile will not give me a new phone, despite it being a manufacturing problem. Despite all of the phone’s sleek features, its terrible charging port makes it completely useless.

  4. Оценка 1 из 5

    Lloyd Budd


    excellent product

  5. Оценка 3 из 5

    Alex Shiels

    Great phone, but some serious issues..

    I love the phone, it looks fantastic, it’s fast, it has so many features. But I’m not happy about three things that I hope Sony will fix ASAP:
    1. The lack of a usb/hdmi connection on the D26 dock. The phone costs 600 bucks and doesn’t even have a dock that can sync data.
    2. I’ve had the phone 3 weeks now and there is a short in the micro-usb connector. I have to wiggle the cord to make sure it’s charging. I have read elsewhere that this socket is weak and fails alot. With that socket as the only source for USB/HDMI connectivity, that’s a huge issue.
    3. The battery life is a real problem. You have to keep this thing plugged in all the time.
    As you can see, all three of these issues are related to being consigned to using the micro-usb socket which is weak and will eventually fail.

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