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Лампы для маникюра UV/LED Nail

Бренд: Bluesky
Артикул: 87989 Категории: , ,

Цвет:  розовый
Мощность, W: 24 / 48
Вид света: LED / UV
Режим, сек: 30 / 5 / 60

5600 руб. кг


Fitbit Zip 301G Wireless Activity Tracker: Set fitness goals, monitor your activity and track your progress with Fitbit Zip. This discreet, water-resistant wireless activity tracker helps you maintain a path to a healthy and fit life, one step at a time.

Get motivated by becoming aware of your daily activities

Accelerometer accurately tracks steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled.

See real-time progress by syncing wirelessly with smartphones, tablets and computers

Automatically syncs through Bluetooth 4.0 with select devices, saving you the hassle of having to connect with cords or manually enter data.

Free online tools mean a network of support

Monitor your progress online with a customizable dashboard equipped with tools, charts and graphs so you can visualize your progress.

Log meals and activities to gain insight into your daily habits

Easily chart your food, water, workouts and more using Fitbit’s online tools. Understand your day-to-day habits so you can make small adjustments that will amount to something big.




6 отзывов на Лампы для маникюра UV/LED Nail

  1. Оценка 5 из 5

    Cobus Bester

    This motivates a 63 year old lady to walk!!

    Ok, the truth is, I don’t like gimmicks. But, I needed to lose weight and get my blood pressure down. I needed to walk. And after trying other pedometers… I wasn’t really motivated by them. But, this fit bit zip, fits inside my clothes, hooks on to middle of my upper undergarment (she said as only an old lady would) and I never know it’s there — until I log into the computer and see my amazing progress. For some stupid reason, it works. IT MOTIVATES ME. And now I’m averaging 50 miles a week. Walking! Yes, you read that correctly. I’m almost 63 and I’m walking miles and miles every day. It’s fun to try and beat my previous record. Buy this for your momma!

  2. Оценка 4 из 5


    This product will change your life

    I am 70, retired and slightly overweight. The fitbit was a christmas present and after 4 months the online support group of other fitbit users, friendly competition and shared enthusiasm, I have walked 1000 miles, lost 40 pounds and look forward to walking every day.

  3. Оценка 5 из 5

    Lloyd Budd


    Canon cameras are the best camera for me since I use it daily at work. It fits in my pocket and I must have dropped my first Canon at least a thousand times before I broke it.

  4. Оценка 5 из 5

    Chris Ames

    Stars Love this camera.

    Camera was way smaller than I was expecting, which is a pleasant surprise, as girl pockets are either tiny or nonexistent. The only thing about the camera is the picture looks grainy when taking pictures. The pictures themselves look great though, so I did not give it a lower rating. Great beginner camera, easy to use and figure out. I bought the camera cord with it to download the pictures straight to my Mac, but it did not automatically open the camera’s folder like I was expecting. Tried looking for software and couldn’t find any for Mac… used the cord in Windows PC and worked exactly like I thought it would.

  5. Оценка 3 из 5

    Matt Mullenweg

    Just OK

    To be truthful I’m actually a little disappointed with this camera. As others have mentioned it seems to have a hard time focusing. Many of the photos I’ve taken are just not crisp, they seem out of focus and slightly blurry. The colors aren’t very accurate either. On the up side, it preforms well in low light conditions and is easy to carry. However, I would not recommend this camera.

  6. Оценка 5 из 5

    Jared Erickson

    This camera is THE BEST

    This is the second Canon PowerShot I have purchased. The qualify of the photos is superior, the zoom capability is amazing, and the convenient size enables it to fit into purse, pocket or palm. A great little camera!

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